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Pat thank you I'm now not afraid to be psychic any more really .learnt so mutch and thanks for putting me back on my soul journey. Tommy  

I was suffering from severe depression and panic attacks . i saw pat and over a few sessions i was able to go back to work and live a normal life. John. Dublin

I met Pat at a psychic fair in shannon 3 years ago and Pat told me i would have a baby witin a year.i didn't believe him but a year to a day i now have a very beautiful baby girl thanks Pat. Susan .

Thank you Pat you have changed my life and saved my marriage. Ann .

I was over from U.K on holidays and a friend recomended me to go for a reading so I did. He told me I had a health problem and thanks to him I am still alive and healthy. John. U.K

I heard of Pat Cunniffe about 2 years ago that he did readings but never went to him until January. I had gone to other readers but his readings are on a totally different level. This guy is the real psychic. The way he reads you, you totally know he's real, no cards or props you just sit there and he does the reading, many thanks Pat. Sean.

I went to see Pat for a reading and was astonished with way he can read people he totally knew who I was, what my problems were and why and how to soart them out. He gave me back my power and confidence. I sat there and he unfolded my life in front of me so gently and accurately thank you. Sandra. 

Pat my back is perfect highly recommend anyone to see this chap he's got the gift.