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Psychic Readings
Shamanic Soul Journeys
Shiatsu ®

Psychic Healing
Chakra Healing
This is a hands on form of healing where I examine the energy centres or Chakras of the body to guide me on how and where to heal.

As a natural Psychic Healer I also use my Spirit or Angel guides to show me what work needs to be done and why. Very often relatives, of the client, who have passed on will come to assist in this process.

I have had many years of success with this treatment in helping to cure a wide range of ailments.

The whole process takes no longer than an hour and costs 50 Euro.
Chakra Healing
Although this process is similar to Chakra Healing it is quite different in many ways. Clients seeking this treatment are usually already in pain or suffering from some form of ongoing illness.

This treatment involves finding the underlying emotional cause of the clients suffering. To do this I use my psychic ability to gain information from spirit guides and deceased members of their family, to find out what physical, mental or emotional burdens they carry either consciously or subconsciously.

This is my starting point in the process of healing them. Although it sounds complicated, it is actually very gentle and relaxing and very often my clients will drift off to sleep as I do my work.

Unlike Chakra healing this takes more than one session, normally around 6 in total.

The session costs
50 Euro
Psychic Healing
Shamanic Healing
As a shamanic healer of the inca tradition, a significant part of my work involves journeying into the lower world in order to bring back to my clients their lost soul parts a healing method called soul journeying.
soul loss sounds terrifing,but it is extremly common and all of us have suffered soul loss in some shape or another ,either in this this time or a former lifetime.

I believe true healing cannot take place until soul loss is rectified an this is one way of doin this..soul loss usually occurs during situations of high trauma, or a life threatening accident or illness for example,losing a loved one unexpectedly,seeing a parent leave or sexual abuse. however soul loss can also occur for many different reasons ,like being rejected or bullied at school or being jilted by a lover.

Soul loss
Soul loss can be experienced like I feel lost,I feel part of me is misssing, a part of me went when he or she died,to not knowing who you are,to feeling detached .These are some indications that soul loss has occured this is a form  of protectism mechanism for our soul other wise we could not cope.This is a very deep healing mechanism where we bring back that part of your soul that has left ,and where the client themselves obtain important information about why that aspect of the soul left,what particular gifts it has to bring back and why it left in the first place. Many clients often realise great truths about themselves and power tools to help them go forward bravely in their lifes.

Past life therapy is based on the evolution of the soul. We have lived here many times before and through these journeys the soul has experienced many things, some good and some not so good.

Some of the negative experiences can carry over and affect us in our present life if we havenít learnt our lessons and manifest themselves in some of the following ways:

Past Life Therapy
Failed Relationships
Unexplained fear or fears
Physical Pain
Inability to stand up for ourselves
By doing past life therapy you get to see who you were and what you were like in other lifetimes. The soul also shows us what aspects of previous lives need to be healed or unblocked.

Another good aspect of this practice is that the soul also shows us what gifts we have and can use now in our present life.

Becauseof the unfolding nature of past life therapy this process may take more than one session.The sessions are usually an hour long and cost
50 Euro.
A lot of clients come to me looking for information and direction in their lives; to find out how deceased relatives are, for guidance on pressing decisions they need to make or just for general information on how things stand in their lives.

If the client has any specific questions to ask, these will be required at the beginning of the reading.

I do these readings using my psychic ability and pass on information given to me either by my spirit guides or relatives who have passed on.

This information is given genuinely and sincerely, I put a lot of effort into this process so a clear and understandable reading can be given. Readings last no longer than one hour and cost
50 Euro.
Psychic Readings
The healing art of Reiki is a practice that restores harmony and balance within the body.

This is achieved by the transmission of healing energy through the hands of the practitioner.

Healing is directed into the various Chakras or energy points on the body bringing about a sense of relaxation and well being.

The treatment can be used to bring relief to a wide range of physical, mental or emotional ailments. Treatment lasts approximately one hour and costs
50 Euro.
Shamanic soul journing is a very deep healing. It is when a part of our soul has split for whatever reason and needs to be reclaimed by the client and encouraged to return. That part of our soul which may contain a lot of hidden gifts and abilities and needs to be reclaimed .Many times this aspect of our soul leaves because of trauma or accident or needs to for its own protection and is waiting for us to find it and reclaim it .

Many clients often refer its like a part of me is missing and the are never fulfilled. Some people go into relationships hoping to find this aspect in another person not realising that what the need is to recover that part of the soul that has left and not to be looking for it in another person .This is how a lot of people give away their power . We all need to bring back these aspects of our souls that have left for us to become one .Session lasts one hour roughly maybe bit longer .Costs
50 euro.Once again this is tremendously important and powerful healing.
Shamanic Soul Journing
Shiatsu is a specific physical form of therapy based on the acupuncture meridians of the body. Through doing this, the therapist, can diagnose what is out of balance and using different techniques, can gently restore the body to a healthier state.

Below is a list of some of the problems that can be resolved using this practice.

Muscular Problems
Neck Pain
Stomach Problems
Trapped Nerves
Restricted Joint Mobility
Different types of emotional issues
Emotions based on fears
Anything acupuncture can heal can also be healed through Shiatsu, as well as restoring flexibility it encourages proper posture.

Feel free to email me for a more detailed list at anytime, I will be glad to send you the information.

Therapy lasts an hour and twenty minutes and costs
50 Euro.
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Psychic Councelling
Psychic Counselling
A very deep therapy which unlocks the hidden  blockages by using my psychic abilities. Very successful with all problems. Individuals or couples.